Specialty Vinyl Products

Specialty Vinyl ProductsAdvanced Looseleaf Technologies makes many types of flexible vinyl packaging. Vinyl is a heavy duty type of plastic, clear, frosted or opaque, that can be used to make various types of sleeves, pouches, envelopes and wallets. Special features, such as zip locks, eyelets, magnets, pressure sensitive adhesive, Velcro, snaps and printing, can be incorporated in our vinyl products.

Some of our products include (but are not limited to):

Self Adhesive Pockets

We offer a wide range of self-adhesive pockets. These accessories make using a binder a more versatile user friendly experience. Add a pocket to your turned binder to conveniently store a CD, or a business card holder. There are hundreds of uses for self-adhesive pockets. Lets us help you find the right one for you.

Pockets with Flap

Add a pocket with flap to your vinyl products to hold samples dust free. We offer a variety of pockets with flaps. Vinyl products can have a custom pocket with or without a flap sealed almost anywhere on the product. Self adhesive pockets with flaps can be used to hold samples or product in your turned edge binders. Ask us to help find the pocket thatís right for you.

Page Protectors

These are sleeves that are made to hold and protect a sheet of paper in a notebook. These are especially useful for cookbook binders. The perfect solution for important data that is repeatedly referred to, page protectors will keep sheets from tearing out from frequent use. Can be made in any size required for special projects and can be made with multiple pockets, for labeling contents.

Job Ticket Holders

Used by manufacturers to hold paperwork with instructions and records that needs to be posted along each step of the manufacturing process. Job tickets holders help keep your organization organized. Ticket holders are used in distribution centers to help identify merchandise as it is being dismantled and to direct traffic managers as they monitor where the merchandise is supposed to go.


  • Document Wallets - mostly used by the travel industry, these wallets are used to hold airline tickets and other travel information for the traveler.
  • Policy Wallets - large wallets, usually given out by insurance companies, to hold the policy and other important papers for the customer.
  • Presentation Folders - large wallets often used by sales and marketing people, to present a proposal or used by companies to hold paperwork for conferences or trade shows.
  • Check Book Covers - these wallets, usually given out by banks, are used to cover check books and check registers.
  • Business Card Holders - small sleeves or wallets used to store and protect business cards.
  • Registration Holders - used by auto dealers as a marketing tool, registration holders can be printed with dealer information and given to customers with their registration and transaction documents when they purchase a vehicle.
  • Credit Card Holders - small sleeves or wallets used to hold and protect credit, bank or membership cards.

Zipper Cases

Zippered cases are available in a variety of sizes. There are several types of zippers to choose from. Custom sizes available upon request.

Map Cases

We specialize in zippered map cases made of a special clear vinyl designed to protect your maps under the most extreme conditions on land or at sea. Let us custom design a map case for your special application.

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Specialty Vinyl Product Capabilities

Silk Screening Screen Printing gives you the opportunity to create high quality images on a variety of substrates and surfaces, and is is good for fine detailed work to large images. Using the PMS Matching System, we can create any color to make your product stand out.
Foil Stamping Stamping is used to call attention to your decoration in brilliant gold or silver foils. There are many foil colors to choose from. Use pigmented or special foils to add highlights and special effects.
Color Process Printing Process printing is available on a variety of materials. These materials are Vinyl, Laminated paper wraps, Poly and SBS board. This process allows you to print color photo on your binders, cover stocks and folders.
Blind Debossing & Embossing Blind debossing & embossing are great ways to add character to your product in a subtle way.
Color Fill Stamping Available on our high-end vinyl products, color fill is a truly luxurious form of decoration. Color fill deeply embeds foil into the surface for a truly distinctive look.
Appliqué Appliqué is the process of using colored vinyl to decorate your vinyl. This gives the decoration a special raised look.
Entrapment/Embedment Printed sheets sealed securely under clear vinyl on all sides so your imprinted sheets cannot be removed. This professional looking binder allow client to have a 4 color process binder at affordable pricing.

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