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Our Storage Products are custom designed to be the perfect vehicle to present your product to your customer. If you have a storage or presentation problem we have a wide array of products that may not be your first thought but may end up being your way to separate your product from your competitors. Ask us to help design the package that will best suit your needs.

The three most common storage items are:

Slip Cases

Slip cases are a 5 sided box used to hold and protect books, binders or as storage boxes. The boxes can be made from a variety of cover materials to give you the perfect look you require. Slip cases can be manufactured to hold more than one volume, each with their own cavity. Slip cases are an ideal product for long term Archival storage.

Slash Cases

Slash Cases hold a variety of materials, media, loose papers and booklets. Combined with a slip case, slash cases give your product the professional unified look which your customers will proudly display on their shelf.

Tote Boxes

Tote boxes are customized sales kits which carry and organize many different types of materials securely in an attractive package. If you have an assortment of items such as samples, booklets, catalogs, CDs, DVDs, or other items, a tote box is one of the best ways to package them.

Poly tote boxes are easily our most popular type of tote box. The boxes can be made in many different gauges, (thickness) shapes and sizes. These boxes are extremely durable and very cost effective. Poly tote boxes are made of either polyethylene or polypropylene in gauges ranging from .023 to .075 and have many different closure options including Velcro, snaps, and buckles. Ask us about the perfect carrying handle for your custom tote box. We make both tuck-tab style boxes and sonic welded boxes.

Polyethylene can be printed and/or foil stamped with your artwork. Polypropylene tote boxes are similar to polyethylene tote boxes. Polypropylene is a more flexible material and is available in different color schemes and textures. If you desire an almost completely see-through box, polypropylene is the best material for you. We manufacture custom polypropylene tote boxes in many different shapes and sizes. Polypropylene tote boxes can be made in gauges ranging from .020 to .045.

Stitched canvases (known as 600 denier polyester) with precision die cut foam inserts and E flute corrugate are two other popular types of materials used to make tote boxes and kits.

Other storage products include:

Storage Products

  • Product Packaging
  • Promotional Packaging
  • Set-up Boxes

Information Products

  • CD/DVD Packaging
  • Presentation Packaging
  • Presentation Folders

Collectables Storage

  • Photo Album
  • Stamp Album
  • Scrap Book
  • Coin Album

Custom Folders

  • Diploma Holders
  • Menu Covers
  • Pad Holders
  • Game Boards

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Packaging & Storage Product Capabilities

Silk Screening Screen Printing gives you the opportunity to create high quality images on a variety of substrates and surfaces, and is good for fine detailed work to large images. Using the PMS Matching System, we can create any color to make your product stand out.
Foil Stamping Stamping is used to call attention to your decoration in brilliant gold or silver foils. There are many foil colors to choose from. Use pigmented or special foils to add highlights and special effects.
Color Process Printing Process printing is available on a variety of materials. These materials are Vinyl, Laminated paper wraps, Poly and SBS board. This process allows you to print color photo on your Storage Products.
Blind Debossing & Embossing Blind debossing & embossing are great ways to add character to your product in a subtle way.

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