Stock and Custom Sheet Lifters

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Custom and Standard sheet lifters to protect the contents of your binder and offer helpful printed information

Stock and Custom Sheetlifters

Let Advanced Looseleaf design and produce custom imprinted sheet lifters to match your binders. Custom printed sheetlifters for ring binders can be made from the matching cover material, plastic and other unique materials in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 
ALT custom sheet lifters provide the support documents need to minimize page damage while opening and closing the binder and reviewing its contents. Since every binder should have a sheet lifter, it is a prime location for important information or a promotional message. Featuring custom printing, custom sheet lifers can be made from the same cover material as the binder or plastic to remind customers of services, provide formulas and common conversions, measurements and rulers, check lists, phone numbers, and to reinforce brands.
Always highly visible when the binder is opened or closed, ALT Custom Sheet Lifters combine strength, style, and function.  Standard 11” plastic sheet lifters include 2” and 3” curved lifters for round ring metals, a single flat full page and flat half page for D-ring metals, flat full page for both types, boomerang type for D-ring and slant-D, and a gull wing sheet lifter.
ALT Custom Sheet Lifters are priced according to material, configuration, and quantity.  Price quotations and free samples are available on request.

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