Green Guarantee

As a company, we feel the need to conserve and preserve the earth. Advanced Looseleaf promises that we will reduce the impact to the environment by certifying the recycled content of its products offered in our "Green" Product line. We will use recycled products wherever possible in all of our manufacturing. Additionally we realize products become obsolete or simply wear out and are unsuitable for standard recycling and, up until now, are disposed of in landfills.

Our Green Guarantee:

  1. We will maximize the use of recycled goods in the manufacture of our products, including some recovered through our own recycling activities, while maintaining your strict specifications.
  2. You may return to us prepaid any used or obsolete products. We will carefully separate the components and recycle them.
  3. We will strive to recycle as much of the production waste as possible. Currently we are recycling in excess of 90% of our production waste. We will continue to try to find outlets for non-recycled waste.

How to return for recycling:

Simply contact your sales representative or email us at to alert us to what you are returning. You only have to pay the freight and we will do the rest.

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